Requirements of Qur’ānic Theorizing: A Thematic Interpretation Approach

Document Type : Scholary


1 PhD Holder in Comparative Interpretation of the Qur’ān, Faculty of Theology, University of Qum, Qum, Iran

2 PhD Holder in Islamic Studies Teaching, Faculty of Islamic Studies and Thought, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

3 Associate Professor, Research Institute of Hawza and University, Qom, Iran.


Given that many schools of thought in today's world theorize on different aspects of human life, undoubtedly, one of the most important tasks of modern commentators is to extract theories of the Qur’ān in various fields. This paper deals with one of the most important fundamental issues in this regard, i.e. the criteria and norms that a standard Qur’ānic theory should have. For this purpose, first the research literature is explained, and then the characteristics of theory in the general sense (scientific theory) are enumerated. Afterwards, the requirements of Qur’ānic theorizing are mentioned and explicated. Since the best way to discover the Qur’ānic view of a subject is the method of thematic interpretation, this paper believes that the process of discovering the theory of the Qur’ān on an issue (Qur’ānic theorizing) is the same method. Accordingly, the following are achieved as the requirements of Qur’ānic theorizing: avoiding the interference of any prejudice, systematization of Qur’ānic teachings, updating and futurism, fluency and clarity of expression, consistency with other definite facts and theories, etc.


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