Recognizing the book of contemporary interpretation of the Holy Quran with an emphasis on the approaches of Orientalists to the study of the Quran

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عضو هیئت علمی دانشگاه جامعة المصطفی



The contemporary interpretation of the Holy Quran is one of the latest writings of Muslim Orientalists in English, which has been brought to the attention of Quran scholars and Orientalists in 2015 by "Harpersan Francisco" publishing house under the supervision of Dr. Seyed Hossein Nasr.

Orientalists have had different interactions with the Holy Quran in different centuries, the present article examines the approaches of Orientalists in Quranic studies, especially the book of contemporary interpretation of the Holy Quran and its analysis and criticism, using the descriptive-analytical method and with a critical approach. According to the latest findings of the research, the difference between the Qur'an of Knowledge (contemporary interpretation) and the predicted works of Orientalists consists of two general topics: a. Unlike non-Muslim orientalists who consider the Qur'an as a historical, literary, or even religious book, the authors of this work are Muslims and consider the Qur'an as a divine revelation. b. Mainly, the works done by the Orientalists of the past in the form of "external studies" included things like Quranic sciences, but knowing the Quran is a study within the religion that includes things like the interpretation of the Quran.


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