The survey of the Quranic studies of Orientalists in the last 150 years

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عضو هیئت علمی دانشگاه جامعة المصطفی



The survey of Quran in the West has been developed and progressed ever since the Quran was presented to Westerners in the first century of Hijri (8th century AD). The current research, with a descriptive-research method and with a critical approach, deals with the Quranic studies of Orientalists in the last 150 years. Regarding the methods, it started with text-based methods and evolved with the emergence of religious sociology and religious psychology methods in the 17th and 18th centuries. In terms of the methods of religious phenomenology, the document analysis method and the archeological method reached their peak in terms of content and extent from the 19th century onwards. Regarding the approaches, although we are facing a significant positive progress in Quranic areas and subjects; However, the progress and improvement of the approaches and goals of the Quran studies of the Westerners has not been achieved. In most periods, controversial and dogmatism approach has been dominant. But in addition to these cases, realistic and fair approaches cannot be ignored in any period, as in the recent period this type of approach seems to be more prominent in Western Quranic studies


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