Cultural Grounds of the Realization of New Islamic Civilization in the Arba’in Procession; Based on Thematic Analysis Approach

Document Type : Scholary


Department of Islamic History and Civilization, Imam Sadiq (PBUH) Research Institute of Islamic Sciences, Qom, Iran



The cultural grounds of any phenomenon can be considered one of the most important fields in the development of the phenomenon. Therefore, paying attention to this issue and identifying it plays a significant role in the future of the phenomenon. This research aims to discuss the aspects of the realization of a new Islamic civilization in the phenomenon of Arba’in procession through the Delphi method and open and closed interviews with some scholars. Then, with the method of thematic analysis, the cultural themes gathered from the scholars’ opinions were examined. The findings of the research show that «cross-cultural communication for the expansion of religious culture and an Islamic lifestyle», «the Arba’in procession as a global medium», «jihad of explanation» (the holy war of explanation), «the continuation of the path of religion, spirituality, and Imams by the Muslim community (Ummah)», «demarcation with the enemy», and «requirements to achieving a new Islamic civilization and preparation for the emergence of Hazrat Mahdi (PBUH)» are the most important cultural grounds in the procession of Arba’in for the realization of new Islamic civilization.


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